This new episode in our "Nautilus Leaks" series was created in partnership with Ryerson Urban Water at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Captain Nemo is steering the Nautilus close to the surface of a hurricane off the East Coast of Florida. While Ned struggles with sea-sickness, Jules and Aronnax receive a Leak from Dr. Imogen Coe, the Dean of Science at Ryerson University. She talks about the big picture thinking behind Ryerson Urban Water, and how they are trying to address water challenges in big cities like Toronto. With climate change causing more extreme weather events (like the hurricane the Nautilus is now underneath), cities need to respond with better planning, better infrastructure, and better policies. Imogen ends with a shout out to young people living in cities, urging them to look after the water sources around them, and to keep inspiring their parents to do the same. And just as she signs off, Ned throws up. "Oh, Ned..."

Don't miss Jules, Aronnax, Ned and Captain Nemo in the next theatrical run of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, at the Asolo Rep Theatre, in Sarasota, Florida, from June 8-July 2 2017. Click here for tickets and more info.