This new episode in our "Nautilus Leaks" series was created in partnership with Cory Laughlin, a renowned expert in aviculture and endangered species.

While Ned plays another round of "Bird Hunter" on his device, Jules gets a timely Leak from Cory Laughlin, a specialist in counting birds for governments in order to ensure stable ecosystems. Cory tells Aronnax and Jules how she has just sailed to Antarctica to count penguins, sea birds, seals and whales (which gets Ned's attention). She stresses the importance of balance in our ecosystems, and how her counting can affect government intervention and regulation. Jules asks about her work with the Canadian government, leading Cory to tell a colourful story about learning bird calls, specifically Canada's iconic loon. While Ned chases Didi Duck around the Nautilus, Cory reminds young people that they can actively take part in birding by taking photos of birds in their backyard, and submitting them to scientists and governments who depend on "citizen science".

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